Thursday, April 03, 2003

The Fern Trail- A Biking Adventure


What a fantastic weather day today! We had blue skies, a steady breeze and perfect temperature with a high of around 83 degrees. This was a great day to take our mountain bikes and go riding on one of the many trails we have here in Tallahassee, Florida. So, after completing some required Saturday morning task, my son and I loaded our mountain bikes and headed to one of the trails we have never ridden on. It’s called the Fern Trail. This trail starts at the end of a mountain bike trail located in Tom Brown Park and extends about four mile into areas with hardwood oaks, pines, and wetlands common to Tallahassee. The trail runs parallel to a railroad track at points, coursing through fern and poison ivy laden, root infested, single track paths, crossing small wooden bridges over creeks, and along large drainage ditches, mostly shaded by large tree canopies. Areas of the track also cross over paved roads and through every encroaching development. The trail twisted and switched back often, proving to be challenging with plenty of roots and hills to climb. A few times, we had to move aside for the daredevil types flying down the single track trail. One guy looked like a professional mountain biker the way he zipped down the trail without regard for his life.

Let me assure all who read. We ALWAYS wear our helmets! Anyone who rides off road trails without a helmet is utterly dumb and stupid. But it’s surprising to see how stupid many are. Usually those that ride without a helmet are beginners and they must think it’s un-cool to wear a helmet. The more experienced know how important it is to have head protect because if you ride enough you WILL crash! I have had at least five major spills and of course they always happen when you least expect it. I have gone over the handlebars at least three times and once, my face just missed kissing a big log as I tumbled uncontrollable over my bars. I was fortunate that day.

Here is a link for the Fern Trail

Also noteworthy is the fact that the mountain bike trail located in Tom Brown Park is so challenging, professionals use it to train. Here is a link with information on the Tom Brown trail:

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