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How I Use My USB Drive, With Ext3 File System, On Both Linux and Windows

I had an old hard drive I wasn't using so I purchased a USB portable hard drive case and installed it. Initially, I had set it up for Windows, using their NTFS file system. Since then, I build a Linux computer and found I could not write to the removable drive due to Linux / Windows management system. I thought about reformatting my removable drive to Fat32, which can be used with both OS, but there are certain restrictive file constrains with Fat32. I did some Google searching and discovered there is a free program that will allow me to use the Linux Ext3 file system on my Windows machines. I liked the idea of using Ext3 since it was very flexible with file size and is the same file system I have on my Linux computer. Here is what you will do. After reformatting the portable drive to Ext3 (I used Gparted in my Mepis system) go to , download the executable file on your Windows computer. Before executing the install prog

How I set up a D-link DPR-1260 multifunction Print Server on Mepis 6.5 and Version 7.0 Linux.

This was an aggravating ordeal, but perseverance finally paid off. The first part is about setting it up on windows, which is necessary to configure this server and have it discovered on the network, as for as I know, so bare with me as we deal with windows. My home network consist of three wired network window boxes, two with XP pro, one with XP home and my Mepis 6.5 wireless box. After doing some research on the DPR-1260, I saw that some had successfully used Linux with this server, so I bought it. The documentation enclose in the box is slim and I would go to the Dlink web site and download their complete manual. It is also on the enclosed CD, but go for the most current online. Be sure to study the UPnP section. I used the XP pro box to configure the server and found that the UPnP and SSDP was not running and not running on any of the other window computers. Make sure it is started on each system and I also discovered that my UPnP would not start