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On Owlbebak Pond

A few weeks ago, my wife wanted to buy a fountain and landscaping for a barren area by our house. Soon our son will be graduating for high school and we'll have a party  The Spot in the back yard and this area needed some dressing up. I agreed and we started searching for a nice fountain. As we looked at local garden centers, I saw some ponds constructed with water falls. I always thought something like that would be nice to have and so I was inspired to build one in this location. I did a bit of research, spread out the lawn hose for the pond outline, then began to dig. Since most resources indicate a pond should be at least 18 inches if you intend to put fish in it, I made sure that was the final depth. I added a few step areas for potential plants, made sure the perimeter was level and carefully examined the soil for anything that could puncture the liner. Fortunately, the digging area was very sandy and I was