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My Equipment List

Here is a link to my current equipment list and also my meal plan on a recent backpacking trip. Equipment list with weight Backpacking menu list with comments. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

It's Tough To Lighten Up

I keep trying to lighten up my backpack. I have an ultra light pack, a super lightweight down sleeping bag, and a one person light weight tent. Even with all that lightweight gear, I still have a full backpack weight, without water, of 33.25 pounds. This includes 6 pounds of food for about 4 days and 2.5 pounds of clothing. I have to add a few extra items due to the potential cold. I spent a good hour reviewing all my gear to get rid of everything I figure is unneeded. It amazes me when I read of backpackers with 20 pound packs. I guess I could save some weight by not taking any extra clothing, getting an under 2 lb sleeping pad, trimming pack items and removing a few clips, but I  don't think I will do that. I will just have to deal with it. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

MSR Hubba Solo tent - Very Good Tent

I had a REI Roadster solo tent, which is no longer made. I used for about three times. I guess I got that very infrequent lemon of a tent since on the second usage I had one of the fly tie-downs come detached, which upon closer inspection, was never sewed on. It appeared to have been temporally glued in preparation of sewing. I didn't freak out about it since a few stitches would solve the problem. But, I also noticed that the fly coating was becoming sticky. Hmmm, now that was odd and not normal in my past experience of tents. After that camp out, I hung up the tent to insure it was dry then packed it away. Several days later I notice on the hallway floor a nice circle of thick, clear plastic, and after wondering for about 30 seconds what it was, tossed it in the trash and forgot about it. My next trip was to Providence Canyon, under cloudy sky's. Upon setting up the tent and draping the fly over it, I gasp when I saw a nice perfect 10" circular hole. The light bu