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Installing Samsung SCX-4100 Printer on Linux & DPR-1260 Server

My sister gave me a Samsung SCX4100 Laser printer she didn't want anymore and I decided to see if I  could set it up on my D-Link DPR-1260 wireless print server. I can report that I was successful in my attempt. I went to the Samsung website and downloaded all the XP files and also discovered that they provided Linux software too!  The installation on Windows XP went without a hitch. Then, I attempted to install it directly on my Mepis 6.5 LInux system and discovered to my surprise that there were not drivers pre-installed. Fortunately, with the Samsung provided Linux software, I first installed the printer locally to Mepis. After the drivers were  install, I then moved the SCX4100 to the DPR-1260 print server and installed it to the network. I just followed the directions and tips I have posted on this blog earlier (10/03/07) when I first set-up my print server. So, if you have a Samsung SCX4100 printer and wonder if it will work on the D-Link DPR-1260 print server, as we