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A Day Trip To Saint George Island

05/2003 My daughter Kelly’s fourth grade class had their end of year field trip outing today and I volunteered to go along as a chaperone. The plan was to travel to St. George Island State Park, which is located on the east end of St. George Island, Florida. Another class was to join them on the trip, so a large tour bus was rented to accommodate all the school kids. Due to the desire to only rent one bus, the parents drove their own vehicle.   The departure time was 7:45 am with the estimated road trip and arrival at 9:45 am. Since my mother owns a cottage on St. George Island, I asked her if she wished to tag along. The plan was to drop her off at the cottage, then I was to drive on down to the park to join the others. All went as planned and upon my arrival at the park, the others had already unloaded and set up under the covered provilion. Actually, since there were two classes on this trip, the other class was dropped off at the bay site, where