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Black Diamond FlickLock vs Push Button Lock Review

 Black Diamond Contour Trekking Poles I have two pair of the 2003 version Black Diamond Contour Trekking Poles with the push button locking button and FlickLock system. I love them as they are strong, light, adjustable and I have never had an issue with slipping.    Photo shows the FlickLock at the top of the pole and the push button lock at the bottom section. The problem I had with the push button lock, was after a drenching rainstorm hike the poles were packed in the car for a 600 mile trip home, then stored away for several months. I forgot to pull them apart to dry out. When retrieved for the next adventure, the push button internal mechanism had corroded and was unusable. The Fix I had to bolt the lower unit fixed on three of my poles so I could use them. I went to the local hardware store and found some nuts and screws. My objective was to use a screw that was the same size as the locking pin with as little projection beyond the pole as possible. I found screws tha

Clingman's Dome Walk

Walking up to the Clingman's Dome tower. The wind was gusting and the wind chill made it at feel like it was freezing. Clingman's Dome 2008 Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Review of LG Refrigerator Model LMX25981ST

Update 06/17/2013: I'm still using this refrigerator and so far it is operating with no issues other than what is outlined below, with one exception- At the top of the doors, where they meet in the center, the rubber gaskets have ripped due to them pushing together. Another bad design element in my opinion. I think  a flipping center post design would be better. I have seen them on Frigidaire units so check that door sealing design. Update 01/04/09:  (In the February issue of Consumer Reports 2009, it states on page 40 that this refrigerator has been suspended from the Federal Energy Star program due to it consuming too much electricity to qualify for the Energy Star. As a result, the Department of Energy and LG have come to an agreement that LG will offer to replace a circuit board free of charge which will save the consumer a few percent below the DOE maximum  and LG will reimburse the purchaser about $41.00 for past energy consumption and around $7.00 per year for the 14