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Flo's Southern Fried Cornbread

This is my mother's recipe for cooking good “ole” southern fried cornbread. Nothing goes better with southern cooking then cornbread. This cornbread complements beans, greens, fish and most everything else. This cornbread is not sweet like most cornbread you will find in restaurants. I have always preferred non-sweet cornbread. It just tastes better. This will make about 6 – 3” to 4” diameter size pieces of cornbread about   1 / 2” thick. Ingredients: Self rising cornmeal : 2 / 3 cup. Self rising flour: 1 / 3 cup. Baking powder: 1 teaspoon. Milk – whole or skim; whole is best: 1 / 2 cup. Salt- optional: A dash. Vegetable oil: 2 teaspoons to start, more added as cornbread cooks. Frying pan: 9” is a good size, non-stick. Mix cornmeal, flour, baking powder, milk and optional salt in a bowl using a spoon. Put the pan on about medium heat, add 2 teaspoons of oil and allow to heat, then spoon drop mix into pan. It is basically like maki

My Favorite Shirt

People often get attached to certain clothing: old jeans, favorite shoes, sunglasses or shirts. I have one article of clothing I really love and it's a shirt. It is classified as a "baselayer", which is clothing designed to be worn under other clothing to help provided extra moisture wicking and warmth. Since I live in Florida, I usually just wear it as outer wear in a looser size. My favorite shirt is the Patagonia Capilene T-Shirt.   Patagonia Capilene This shirt is very durable, very soft and comfortable. If you need a long lasting T-Shirt then consider this one...go treat yourself! Read and post comments | Send to a friend