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How I set up a D-link DPR-1260 multifunction Print Server on Mepis 6.5 and Version 7.0 Linux.

This was an aggravating ordeal, but perseverance finally paid off. The first part is about setting it up on windows, which is necessary to configure this server and have it discovered on the network, as for as I know, so bare with me as we deal with windows.

My home network consist of three wired network window boxes, two with XP pro, one with XP home and my Mepis 6.5 wireless box. After doing some research on the DPR-1260, I saw that some had successfully used Linux with this server, so I bought it.

The documentation enclose in the box is slim and I would go to the Dlink web site and download their complete manual. It is also on the enclosed CD, but go for the most current online. Be sure to study the UPnP section. I used the XP pro box to configure the server and found that the UPnP and SSDP was not running and not running on any of the other window computers. Make sure it is started on each system and I also discovered that my UPnP would not start when my SSDP was not running so make sure you start the SSDP.

Please note this! With the first unit I purchased, after much difficulty, I came to the conclusion that it was defective as it would not stay connected to the network. On the box the firmware was 1.12. When I exchanged the unit , the second unit was version 1.00 and the starting setup and instructions are totally different between the two. If you can, try to get the 1.12 or above as the UPnP is more clearly supported and it is easer to get to the servers web setup page. It is an easy firmware upgrade to latest 1.21 once you get the web setup page open.

Once you get to the setup page, upgrade the firmware then set a static IP address for the server. Leave the mask and gateway info as is. I use zone alarm firewall on the window boxes, I didn't notice it causing any problems with the setup, but make sure your firewall IP address access range covers your address. For example, I set my static address, matching my Linksys router typical address number sequence to Before changing to the static IP address, bookmark the current web page setup, because when you change to the static, the setup page will go away, then you can modify the numbers in the browsers address to the new static to get back to the setup page. Now setup your wireless configuration to match your network settings. Also, I changed the Super G mode to “ Super G without Turbo” since I don't have turbo.

When you get to the printer setup, make sure you have already installed your printer to the window computers then you will have the drivers already on the computer.

Now follow the instructions for the printer attach to the server. When it starts to download the executable printer file, sometimes it is fast, sometimes slow, so be patient and wait until it says complete. Try the test page to see if it prints. If it doesn't try unplugging the server for 15 seconds and replug it in and see if it is still online to the network by checking the My Network page in windows. Once it is working now you can set up the Mepis !!!

Now the good part!

I have a Mepis 6.5 wireless system and did this. Go to K menu button,go to print system, then to add printer. The add printer wizard will open, click next, then select Remote LPD Queue,then next to open the Host and Queue entry box. For the Host, type in your static IP address you assigned to the server e.g. (just the numbers not the http part of the address) and in the Queue type in exactly the LPR Queue Name as shown on the server statues device info web page of the attached device. In my case it was StylusPhotoR220. After making sure you have entered the exact info, click next. When I did it, a box pops up and says the StylusPhotoR220 is not found, but I just click continue. Now this is very important! Every time I did this, it would knock the print server off the network, so just unplug the server power for 15 seconds, repower, then confirm that it is being picked up by the network by the My Network page    (on another Windows computer) or you can refresh the web setup page (on your Linux computer) which is at your static printer address and if online it will refresh. Click next and select your printer from the list, click next and download the drivers. I had to select the second listed item and it then installed the drivers. Click the Send Test Page to printer and if it prints type in a printer name you want to show up in print manager as you just continue the setup process. With my wireless system, it takes about 20 seconds before the Mepis test page begins to print. On my wired duel boot  windows/ Mephis system , which has a low powered processor, it can take a minute before the page begins to print. So, after clicking the Send Test Page, be patient and don't assume the settings are wrong, but make sure your server is online. Once it prints, continue and finish and you are set up! I have only tested one printer so far. Also, the wireless range is good, extending up through a second story on the other side of the house, maybe 100' straight line.

I realize this info may seem very unclear, but it will be understandable once you study the process and actually start doing it. If you read on the site about this print server, you will see some people configure it fast and others with great difficulty, if at all. If you are using Linux, you will tend to be above the computer novice stage and with this information, you should not have any problems.

As I could not find any specific information on the internet about  setting up this print server on KDE for the LPD, Host and Queue, I hope this will help those with the D-link DRP1260.

Update!!!. I was playing around on an old computer with different Linux distros and when trying PClinuxOS Tinyme, which is created from the regular PClinuxOS, the DRP1260 was detected automatically on my wireless network and setup without me doing anything! This is great, as it indicates that with each passing day, Linux is becoming better and better.

07/04/08 Update: I just upgraded my Mepis system to version 7 and I followed this same process to get the print server working.

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