Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Energizer 3 LED Headlight Review

I bought this headlight at Walmart a few months ago as a replacement for my Black Diamond Gemini headlamp, mainly for reduction of weight. It cost me $12.99, including three standard AAA batteries and a stuff bag. The Energizer unit weights, with batteries, but not the stuff bag, slightly over 2.5 ounces ( 70 grams). I have been using it each morning for about 45 minutes  as I walk in the early 5:00 am  darkness. I feel that the batteries, in the white mode, have lasted as long as advertised on the product package. I have not tested the red light extensively, but I do like this option as I can see it could be beneficial around a camp site. I have found that the strap is comfortable and fits my large head fine when extended to the maximum size. I also can wear it when I have my Tilly hat on, although I have to let it ride lower on my forehead. Even when I jog, it remains secure and comfortable. The two white LEDs cast a nice round beam that clearly lights my foot path and the light can be pivoted to adjust the projected light beam. I would guess the beam cast a good light about 15  to 20 feet out. The white LEDs are not adjustable in terms of brightness; its either on or off. The brightness might be a slight distraction if sitting around a campsite in a group if one aims their head directly at another person. That could be where the red light might work best as it will not "blind" another person. I have not tested the unit in a wet environment so I don't know how it would hold up wet.
For the price, weight and battery longevity, I would highly recommend this headlight
Update: I just returned from a backpacking trip and discovered this light twice had been switched on by accident in my backpack and in a fanny pack. This is not a good thing. If you buy this light you must be sure to take actions to stow it or attach it in a way the switch will not turn on by accident. Other than this caution, I still like this headlamp.

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