Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In my younger years when camping, my body could stand the discomfort of sleeping on the ground without a pillow. Those days are long gone. After trying  wadded up clothing , stuff bags and a few other pillows that never gave me the comfort I needed, I discovered the Therm- a- Rest Compressible Pillow. Because my form of camping is backpacking, I require a pillow that is light and compressible since weight and space is critical. The Therm- a- Rest Compressible Pillow meets all of my requirements. It compresses to 25 % of the expanded size, provides nice head support, while also giving that nice cozy, head enveloping feeling, and the medium size weighs only 9 oz. I prefer to camp when the weather is cool to cold and I discovered this pillow tends to capture some of the heat of my head, which helps to keep me warm during the night. I can't say how it might be during a hot night since I have never tried it in the summer.
A pillow is a very personal thing. What works for one is terrible for another. I think this pillow will fill the needs of most people with compactness, softness / firmness and light weight. I will never go camping without it.
Therm-A-Rest Compression Pillow

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