Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Equipment List

Here is a link to my current equipment list and also my meal plan on a recent backpacking trip.

Equipment list with weight

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  1. Nice lists. What is your planned miles per day? I ask as you are only calculating 3000 calories but are backpacking with a 40 pound pack. That uses up some serious calories. Also, depending on how long your lunch break is you are eating a lot of calories at lunch which will impact your afternoon performance. One option would be to snack ~200 calories per hour while on the trail and load up once in camp during dinner.
    Not much gear to carve off for weight savings. Heck its good training right?

  2. I actually posted my earlier reply post hike. We were going to hike the Georgia section of the Bartram trail in north GA which is 37 miles. We had allocated 10 miles per day, starting on Saturday midmorning and finishing mid afternoon on Tuesday. My friend, with his two sons came along and this was to be our real first extended backpacking trip. He underestimated the strength of his 12 year old son and the difficulty of the trail. This hike was this past weekend, when all the bad weather hit and we were hiking in solid rain and 55 degree temps. I was the only one with "good" rain gear but it helps not to forget and leave your rain pants in the car! Dummy I was! Lesson equipment before hopping into the transportation bus. Anyway, we were soaked. We hiked 11 miles Saturday and 8 miles the second to our first available transport pickup location. On my food link list at the bottom of the spreadsheet, is my analysis of what I had eaten for those two days. I consumed about 2800 calories. My budget 0f 3000 was based on what I had read on the internet from various sites and I have that listed on my food spreadsheet as well. Interestingly enough, my friend realized he was not eating enough as he said he wasn't hungry,but will be more conscious about it next time. As far as lunch, I didn't what I had planned until dinner and didnt eat the freeze dried food. You observation about lunch could be spot on, where the body maybe craves for lighter meals while in high demand situations.