Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Risk of Blog Site Transfer.

Beware!! Transferring A Blog To Another Blog Site May FAIL!!
Pulling Hair Out

I started my first blog at It was a great site with lots of features and a wonderful community of Bloggers who linked together. Vox was then sold and the powers that be decided to close it down. They gave the option of moving our blogs to another site they had or Wordpress. I chose the free Wordpress site since they were an open source software company. Since it was set up very different from Vox, I lost interest in blogging.

Just recently I have regained my interest and I decided to move the Wordpress blog to Blogger. The move was successful so I thought I might as well delete the Wordpress site, which I did. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that all my blog photos and videos didn't transfer, but were linked to the Wordpress site. Soooo, now my old blog entries on Blogger have no photos or videos. What a disappointment!!

Life goes on, so I will move forward with new entries and maybe go back to certain older post and upload important photos so the entries will be complete.

That's my story.

Moral: If you move your blog to another site, be careful about deleting the old one until you know for certain the new one is completely self-contained and not linking back to the old one for certain data.

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