Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Make a cheap tripod adapter to hold a smartphone

You can make this easy, fast and cheap tripod adapter to hold your smartphone! It is small and light for backpacking.

Step 1: Obtain a 3" bulldog paperclip. You can get these anywhere that sell office supplies. You might have one at your office or at home right now!

Bulldog clip


Step 2: You need a nut that fits your tripod screw. It is a common size, but you might want to take your tripod so you can match up the nut. Look in your junk drawer, I bet you have one that fits it!



Step 3: Bend the finger tab so it will be 90 degrees and fit the tripod screw. A pair of pliers will make it easy, or you can just use your fingers if you are tough!

Bent clip and nut


Step 4: Take some duct tape, cut two pieces and tape it down and around the clipping edges for extra protection. You don't want metal on glass or plastic!

Duct tape on clip ends


Step 5:  Attach to the tripod, screw nut on with your fingers and you are finished!

Bulldog clip attached to tripod to hold smartphone


Here is a video of it.


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