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Book Review: Survive!

I just finished reading Survive!, by Peter Deleo. This is the story of his survival, written by him,  after a plane crash in the Sierra Nevadas. He spent 13 days hiking out to rescue. This book is an easy read. If his injures were as bad as he describes, especially his ankle, it is an amazing story of determination. Sometimes I questioned what he physically accomplished with his listed injures, mainly because it is hard for me to imagine climbing and descending  mountains, rambling over rocks, wading  chest high snow with a broken ankle.

If you like true adventure stories, this one is pretty good, but some of the feats he performed and actions taken, in my mind, are questionable, so I will give it a 7 out of 10 because it held my interest.  It's worth the read.


  1. I just finished reading the book and it left me confused. If DeLeo was so badly injured and Wade seemed relatively uninjured, why was it DeLeo that hiked out? Why are there no reports about Wade's activites during those 13 days? There must have been some evidence of his actions during that time, such as: Did he make a fire? Did he set the ELT (or was it ETL?), Did he build a fort? Did he even use the survival equipment?Have you found any furhter info?Terry

  2. If you read some of the comments about this book on you'll find others have questions about what happened too.If you like to read books of this kind, I found the book, Touching the Void, by Joe Simpson, very exciting. It's about one mans mountain climbing survival. I found his dramatic story more plausible, even though it was perhaps more challenging than DeLeo's battle. Simpson did have a witness to back up his story. If you have not read it, check it out and let me know what you think.


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