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Java Time - A solution to great backwoods coffee

Do you love hot, fresh brewed coffee while on the trail? I certainly do. I have tried both instant coffee and the "tea" bag type and while they are ok, I still yearn for fresh brewed without toting a big coffee pot. 

While shopping for an alternative method that will work for backpacking I spotted this product made by GSI Outdoors. They make a product called H2JO that is used to brew coffee by screwing it to a typical wide mouth bottle such as a 32 oz Nalgene .
GSI Outdoors H2JO

First I grind my fresh coffee beans to a medium grind at home and put in a zip lock bag. Out on the trail I then put the coffee in the H2JO, pour the hot water into the bottle, which is a 32 oz Nalgene, screw the unit on, then the bottle cap and shake.

After the coffee steeps, the unit is removed and I enjoy fresh coffee. Afterwards, I screw the unit back on the bottle for storage.

The bottle is still usable for any other beverage as the liquid will pour through the mesh. For under $15.00 this is a great product. 

Buy it from Amazon by clicking this link. GSI Outdoors H2JO! Percolator


  1. This sounds like a great idea! We normally pack our little stovetop Italian coffee maker (Moka pot), but it does take up some space...


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